Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I say, `When the Rapture comes, I'll make 'em wait!'. By God, `They'll *never* clean *my* cage!', I say! I weigh seven pounds in zero gravity, *gouge with me*! I'll freeze *your* breath before it hits the bathroom tile! Every night I hock up a lunger and extinguish the *Sun*! I kidnapped the future and ransomed it for the past, I made *Father Time* wait up for me to bleed my python! I'm *radioactive*! Yes, I'm the purple flower of Hell County, give me wide berth; when I drop my drawers, Mother Nature swoons! So step aside, all you butt-lipped, neurotic, insecure bespectacled gods! YAH-HOOOO! Come *on* and give me cancer, I'll spit up the tumor and butter my *bread* with the juice! Now give me some more of...

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